Amazing Findings: Reveal, Feeling is Believing

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Imagine if you were to lose your eyesight or only see shades of grey tomorrow, how would you be able to experience color? 

That's the premise of Reveal's project: Reveal, Feeling is Believing. It's a program that focuses on creating a sensory experience for visually-impaired people so they can feel color. Paired up with Pantone, they developed a system where every color is translated into a certain shape thus making it able to relate said shapes to a certain hue.


The system aims to create a tactile color, colors that are created based on different geometrical shapes combined. Every one of this variations corresponds to a specific shade of the spectrum, making it possible for the person to actually touch a color. It also covers the basics of color theory, starting from the basic ones -translated into shapes- that become more complex as they're being combined. It's definitely an interesting project that manages to come up with a non-visual language that brings light to the touch.

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