Graphic Design Love: London's Underground Posters Throughout The Years

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London's subway is probably one of the most iconic metros of the world. Its famous logo is an undeniable signature mark of London and it's been that way since the beginnings of the 20th century. The London Transport Museum is holding an exhibition called Mind The Map, and it features a series of posters from the metro's entire history.

Pocket Map 1912


It's an interesting show for all cartography and graphic design lovers, as you can see how the design trends were shifting throughout the century. The posters cover a wide range of styles and techniques, which is a fascinating thing to notice- how history is reflected in advertising of a certain decade. Here are some of the pieces that are going to be shown from May to September:

Poster for Nightly Carnival, 1924

London's Tramways Poster, 1930

Poster for Playgoers, 1935


Pocket Map 2005



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