Graphic Design News: Denmark Unveils Their EU Presidency Logo

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Denmark is the country next in line to lead the Presidency of the European Union. Taking over after Poland on January 1st, Denmark will be on the head of the EU for half a year. The visual identity was chosen from a contest, and considering Danish design's reputation the entries where pretty good. The logo that took the price though is the one that -in my opinion- portrays in a perfectly executed manner the essence of Danish design tradition:


It was was created by Peter Jacob Møgelvang from Kunde&Co and it focuses on typographic work, creating a sharp and minimalistic look that plays with the "half year" concept which is the duration of the Presidency. The signature minimalism of Danish design is channeled in the subtle typographic work, one that focuses more on the sobriety and functionality of the design. The runner-ups are also interesting proposals:


2nd place

The second one also focuses more on type work, but in a bolder way. A much stronger proposal that might not work as well as the first one. The 3rd place goes to an original design that plays with the concept of communication with the use of speech bubbles that create the Danish flag. It is clear that Denmark's tradition aims towards a minimalistic style that focuses on clear solutions instead of a busier look- characteristics that all of these designs share.


3rd place



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