Amazing findings: visualizing Pi in pixels

Design & Style

It wasn't long ago when a Japanese scientist broke the record of calculating the ten trillionth digit of Pi, an immense amount of digits that would take about 158,000 years to recite completely. To commemorate the discovery, interdisciplinary design studio TWO-N Inc came up with a very clever tribute, a translation of the digit into pixel art. The concept is fairly easy, each digit is assigned a different color and the extension of the number is displayed on screen on different resolutions. So for each result we get a different image of what Pi actually looks like on different scales, from very pixelated (a la 8bit) to a more diffuse shade of green. It's an interesting experiment, a graphic way to interpret math- in this case, a color map of Pi.

Color legend

10 thousand decimals

1 million decimals

4 million decimals


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