Cartography love: Pop-art Planetary maps

Design & Style

These colorful pictures are no other than extra-terrestrial cartography, maps of different planets and moons that have been explored to comprehend in a better way the elements of the universe. Starting from our known world, scientists have taken the familiar cartographic language and applied it to these new territories, resulting in interesting looking paintings that could perfectly fit in a modern art exposition. The different colors on these maps correspond to different features on the surfaces on the moons and planets throughout our solar system — such as basins, craters, mountains, and plains. All the data of these maps has been collected by the many satellite explorations of our solar system. Pretty awesome maps that open a gate to the unknown lands of our spacial neighborhood.

Map of the Tolstoj quadrant on the planet Mercury

Geologic map of the moon

Map of the northern hemisphere of Venus

Map of Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon



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