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Last week Apple held its 25th Annual Word Wide Developers Conference. This is a much-anticipated yearly conference as it is when Apple announces the winners of the much-coveted Apple Design Awards. This year, 12 apps and games were awarded the prestigious metallic square trophies etched with the Apple logo.  These apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. What are you waiting for? If you don’t have them already, you should start downloading these new technology gems today.

Here is a list of the 12 winners of the 2014 Apple Design Awards:


skyguide for iPhone skyguide for iPhone

Sky Guide
I’ve tried this app and it is absolutely amazing. I can 100% understand why this awesome educational app took top prize this year. With this app, you can trace the sky and learn all about the stars and constellations above you at night. This app works with both iPhones and iPads.




Cinemagraph Pro app Cinemagraph Pro app

Cinemagraph Pro
This app is a great tool for creating Flixels with your videos and photographs. Make animated GIF, apply filters and much more on the go. This app is for Mac.





Storehouse for iPad Storehouse for iPad

Storehouse – Visual Storytelling
Storehouse is a really fun iPad app. Use it to create elaborate and interesting stories with photos, videos and text. The best part about this app is that you can share your creations with your friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.




Monument Valley Apple App Monument Valley Apple App

Monument Valley
This is seen as one of the most innovative and unique games on the market today. This game uses Escher-type images and optical illusions to entice users and to give them one of the most original and fun games of 2014. For iPads and iPhones.





Threes! App for iPhones and iPads Threes! App for iPhones and iPads

This is another game for iPads and iPhones. This game is a tile-matching game that is addictive, funny and hours of entertainment.






Device 6 app for iPhone and iPad Device 6 app for iPhone and iPad

Device 6
This app is a mix between a game and a book. Your task is to solve compelling mysteries by turning and rotating your iOS device in all directions.






Blek Apple App Blek Apple App

This is another popular game for iPhone and iPad users. Simple in design, this game may seem simple at first until you start progressing through the levels. It is a very tricky game that uses lines and dots to keep your attention.





Leo's Fortune App Leo's Fortune App

Leo’s Fortune
This is an adventure game for your device where you are looking for the thief that stole your gold. Apple praised this game for its amazing graphics and ease of play.






Day One Apple App Day One Apple App

Day One
If you like to keep a journal or a diary, this is the app for you. Designed for Macs, this app lets you integrate videos, text and photos into your daily journal.






Yahoo News Digest App Yahoo News Digest App

Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo created a great free news app here where you can get all of the most up-to-date news information all in one place.






Teachley App for iPhone Teachley App for iPhone

Teachley: Addimal Adventure
This is an excellent app for kids. It is a math tutoring tool that turns learning math into a fun game for young children. If you’re a parent struggling to teach your child basic math skills, this app could make your life much easier and hassle-free.





Panoperfect App for iPhone Panoperfect App for iPhone

This app lets you have fun with panoramic photos. It is a free app that makes it easy for you to share your beautiful panoramic iPhone photos.





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