Awesome type: topographic alphabet

Graphic design reviews

We've seen already some examples of 3D typographies which are digital based. The folks at Synoptic Office have brought up the concept of 3D type to another level. In their website they have 2 beautiful examples of different applications of type, the most eye-catching one being the project Alphabet Topography, which as the name states, consists of embossed letters in different levels, as in the topographic maquettes. The result is an abstract looking typeface that can only be fully seen at a certain angle and plays with the various heights of each letter.

Their next project that I want to mention plays with the same concept of the curved lines that give the illusion of volume. They called it Swell: A Typeface. Basically it consists of a bunch of straight lines that are distorted in curves for this 'swell' effect. Pretty brilliant if I might say, and maybe also a wink to the Joy Division fans out there?

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