Great design review: Daniel Siim Studio

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Daniel Siim is a danish graphic designer and student that works at his homonymous studio. His work varies from branding to editorial work, but what really caught my attention today is his work for his school's branding project. The simplicity of his work and attention to little details is what separates his work from the average. As himself describes this project:


As part of a branding workshop I was asked to pitch a new identity for the merging schools which clearly signals the spirit and the values of the new organisation. The solution also had to include the need of individual profiles and different educational directions of the three schools.

The result is four minor logos (one for the organisation and one for each of the three schools) which combined creates a merging logo. A display typeface was also developed.

Here are some pictures of this project that really lives up to the nordic design style with its subtle details and clean cut overall look:

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