Beautiful branding: Grand Central Terminal celebrates 100 years!

Design & Style

The famous NYC landmark Grand Central Terminal is celebrating their 100 years anniversary and what better way to celebrate than a fresh new logo and campaign! Michael Bierut was in charge of this project and took a different approach to the logo scheme, taking the iconic clock that's in the middle of the station instead of keeping the monogram logo they have been using so far. The hour shown in the clock is 7:13 (19:13) in reference to the date that the station first opened its doors.

As for the campaign the use of the logo is applied into invitation cards, packaging, street advertising and diverse memorabilia. To make a real statement they went for the sans serif typeface Avenir, which translates well in different formats and has a bold and distinct look to it. For the street publicity they came up with a game of words revolving the word 'grand', an approach that definitely has a quirky sense of humour. A brilliant campaign and a beautifully executed logo!


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