Typographic love: Letters collage

Design & Style

Meg Hitchcock's work is unbelievable. Her pieces consist of grand format collages that are made by hand-cut letters from diverse religious books as the Koran or the Bible and rearranges them in different geometric shapes or in the style of mandalas. The amount of time that each of this collages must have taken is just something I cannot even fathom and her patience and rigurosity definitely show through her different pieces. The artist herself explains her work as following:

In my text drawings I deconstruct the word of God by cutting letters from sacred writings and rearranging them to form a passage from another holy book. I may cut letters from the Bible and reassemble them as a passage from the Koran, or use letters cut from the Torah to recreate an ancient Tantric text. The individual letters are glued to the paper in a continuous line of type, without spaces or punctuation, in order to discourage a literal reading of the text. By bringing together the sacred writings of diverse traditions, I create a visual tapestry of inspired writings, all pointing beyond specifics to the universal need for connection with something greater than oneself.

Needless to say, her art makes a statement on how religion and spirituality is perceived and how their words can form beautiful pieces of art. It's an interesting experiment and I wish I had the chance to see her work up close in person. This is pure typographic love!


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