Beautiful Branding: Know Canada

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As a way to commemorate Canada's 145th birthday Studio 360 in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design have created a campaign that focuses on breaking the old cliches that surround everything Canadian. Studio 360 is an arts and culture radio program that has a famous segment called Redesign, which invites to present a new approach to very diverse elements; this time is Canada's turn with Know Canada.

The branding proposal starts off with a shift of priorities: it's not about re-designing Canada but a matter of educating Americans on what Canada is really about and burning the old stereotypes. Canada is a lot more than maple syrup and hockey- it's no surprise that a lot of the most creative and coolest artists and bands have been coming from there in the past time- and for that matter the campaign focuses on the many factors that make the country so rich. The visual identity is based on the flag by using the two red side blocks that are superposed against Canadian personalities/landscapes/elements/etc. Each frame is a tribute and also a statement to reclaim their identity and they vary from Stephen Harper to peanut butter (did you know it was invented there?) and from Pamela Anderson to Arcade Fire.

Given the simplicity of the design the application possibilities are endless. The use of the red squares is a fantastic solution as it is highly recognizable and so simple at the same time- also the Canadian memorabilia can be finally be maple leaf free! I think it's a very clever branding process that manages to keep things simple yet perpetually entertaining, as the many different Canadianisms presented throughout the campaign are a clear reflection of the immense diversity that composes the country. A perfect Canadian approach.


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