Cool Findings: Olympic Games Alternative Posters

Design & Style

The Olympic Games have already started and the long controversies that revolved around their logo and corporate identity almost seem forgotten. The questionable style applied to the complete visual identity of the event has been the conversation topic most likely to be discussed among designers, considering that since the very first revelation of the Olympics logos there's been a lot of criticism around it and its applications, as the character it channels might not be what the traditional identity for the Olympics is thought to be like. Kathy Kavan came up with this small compilation of alternative Olympics posters; a tribute of the design that could have been. These alternative graphics come in very diverse styles, varying from Hockney-inspired artwork to a minimalistic and Bauhau-esque composition with the ever present abstract geometrical poster.

What do you think about these proposals, do they work better than the identity being used in the official games?


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