Cool Findings: Olympic Rings Infographics [video]

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Amidst the Olympics fever going on right now, Gustavo Sousa has taken inspiration from the games' logo and transformed it into a display of data. Oceaniaeureopeamericasafricaasia is an animated showcase of different infographics that use the Olympic rings as a visual base for the visualizations. The colored rings that conform the Olympics symbol represent a different continent each and the simplicity of it inspired Sousa to transform them into graphic elements that show the presence of each continent in different topics that range from economical data to random facts like how many McDonald's shops exist per capita.

Key: Blue-Oceania, Yellow-Africa, Black-Europe, Green-Asia, Red-Americas Key: Blue-Oceania, Yellow-Africa, Black-Europe, Green-Asia, Red-Americas

To maintain the minimalistic look of the infographics, the keys to read the info for each version are practically inexistant throughout the video and as himself explains it: “The reason I didn’t reveal which is which because you can almost figure that out as you read through; I thought that process of discovery was interesting.” There's a total of 16 prints- one for every day the games last- with each and every one of them being a very eloquent yet simple display of data. It's a pretty clever project that makes us reflect on the real differences that we all share even during this event that vows for community and equality.


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