Beautiful Branding: Pripps Blå

Design & Style

Pripps Blå is Sweden's largest beer brand that just went through major branding surgery. Swedish agency NINE was in charge of the new look, look that has to refer to a long history and tradition that has made the brand so important since its early starts in 1828 when it was a simple brewery. The name stands for "Pripp's Blue", referring to the color of the cans.

Previous logo versions

New logo

For the re-design of the brand, the inspiration was taken from the early 80's  and 70's logo versions, resurrecting the crest and old school look. Here you can see the different beer cans over the years, from when it was first called "Pripps Export" to the current new image. You can see how the emblem of the brand has been modified over the years, coming from a super simple look to a busier crest with royal elements, all the way through the current new image.

It has balance between the traditional elements (such as the aforementioned crest, the ornaments and drawing style) and a modern look (the use of contemporary type and metallic gradients for example), creating a cohesive visual identity. Another interesting application of the logo is an 'engraved-like' version of it, which actually looks like an amazing tattoo! It combines the sobriety of the logo with a modern twist of the classic tattoo elements. The rest of the products follow the same lead: a classical look that portrays tradition in a contemporary way.


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