Beautiful Branding: Scienpology

Design & Style

Spanish agency SantsSerif has quite an impressive portfolio. Their work ranges from branding to editorial and the common factor between their projects is smart design with beautiful solutions. So for this particular case of Scienpology/Cienpologia they've created a very trendy identity. Hipster minimalism? Check. Ironic wording? Check. A passion for it? Check. Live to ride, ride to live. Bike polo like a way of life, bike polo like a religion.

The design revolves around Scienpology/Cienpologia- a play of words between scientology and polo. The graphic style they opted for follows the steps of minimalistic/hipster design, with the use of simple geometrical shapes that differ from the ordinary. The logo itself consists of bold, clean geometrical shapes that represent a bike engine with polo equipment and a wink to scientology- an interesting mix and match of elements that creates an original design. The rest of SantsSerif's portfolio is just as impressive, I'm specially in love with their editorial work for this cooking recipes.

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