Beautiful Branding: UEFA'S Eurocup 2012

Design & Style

Poland and Ukraine are the host countries for this edition of the UEFA's Eurocup that's about to start in the next few days. Brandia Central is the agency behind the creation of the brand and to be honest they did a pretty awesome job. The proposal is definitely original, it is incredibly colorful and fun, using a lot of details that refer to the countries' traditions. They really went all the way to create a distinct and memorable event that embodies this visual identity of Poland and Ukraine.

The main logo features 2 flowers in the colors of both countries with a football in the middle representing the sport. The typography is a rounded typeface that matches this organic look they're going for, one that's very contemporary. The graphic elements and the use of color are inspired by the traditional art form that's typical of the region: wycinanka.

The visual identity is charged with this nature themed elements applied as ornaments or background patterns. The colors chosen for the different applications are also very up to date, they manage to step out of the ordinary and not falling into messy-unknown areas.

As for the rest of the graphic elements of the event, they all follow the same guidelines: organic, vibrant colors, interesting shapes and patterns and specially originality- even creating the twin boys mascots, each representing the host countries. Needless to say I'm a total fan of it, and who would have thought that a football event could look so pretty?



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