Beautiful Branding: 'Wich

Design & Style

Perfectly executed minimalistic design is one of the biggest trends we can see in the corporate identity of anything food related. Hong Kong based studio BLOW had this in mind when they created the visual identity of new sandwich restaurant called 'Wich. Their approach is fairly minimal, with very light strokes over flat-colored backgrounds and sharp photography. As far as the logo goes, they opted for a geometric sans-serif font that won't clash with the uniformity of the rest of the identity. The letter "h" has been modified by extending the ascender as a way to create a graphic continuity among the elements.

The same play of thin and geometrical strokes against a black background is used among the rest of the packaging items. It definitely is a bold identity with a lot of character; the simplicity of it all creates a consistent look that portrays quality and care for the produce, which is fundamental when it comes to serving food. Also the use of black is a nice resource to enhance the vibrant colors of the ingredients themselves, letting them be the protagonists of the branding concept. There's also a series of cute illustrations in the same one-stroked style that are used to lighten up the character of the brand. Definitely a nice source of inspiration for graphic designers!


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