Beautiful Findings: A Studio Life

Design & Style

When a bunch of creative people come together in a single place to start working together, the daily routine that makes their working lives just fills up with a lot of unexpected things. Some of these elements show up in 'A Studio Life', which is a beautiful homage to the life of a designer by Grid London's Ashwin Patel. This print consists of 42 illustrated icons representing the components of the complex universe that is the working life at the studio.

Following the guidelines of his studio's visual ques, Patel goes for a minimalistic layout with fancy, retro looking serif fonts and subtle details that pair up nicely with the detailed illustrations of each icon. The result is a super sleek looking catalog of elements, in the style of a Bestiary but in this case collecting the different perks that are part of the complex and unpredictable universe that is the studio life.


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