Pixellogo Template Review: Logo-2580

Logo Templates

Today's Pixellogo Template review is about Logo-2580, one of our latest releases. This particular design comes in the form of a winged crest, an allusion to the style sported in race cars. The silhouette of a lion is in the middle of the emblem, another detail that goes back to the heraldic style. This template accomplishes to mix different elements that differ in their usual context (i.e. the crest, wings and classic shape of the heraldic lion) and bringing them together in a totally original way. The crest is colored with vibrant shades of yellow, creating a sense of volume and also making it pop out with its brightness. A rounded sans serif typeface was chosen to accompany the logo, a decision that brings this design into a more contemporary look given its curved shapes. This logo template is perfect for automobile related businesses, as it interprets their graphic tradition in a novel manner. In related news here at Pixellogo we're preparing the launch of our new website. There will be some nice changes, so make sure to come back often for the big re-launch!

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