Cool Findings: A Musical Map Of The UK

Design & Style

East London artist and illustrator Pello has a soft spot for music that shines throughout his work. His latest release is a typographic map of Great Britain composed by the names of the iconic bands that have been born there, displayed geographically. From Franz Ferdinand to The Smiths, Iron Maiden to Artic Monkeys and everything inbetween you can now visualize in a very cool way the birth places of these great artists- a quite original approach that combines both typography art and cartography.

The very distinct style of this map follows the guidelines of other works of his, also tribute to great musicians. In that case, the prints are typographic compositions of Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury and Stevie Wonder; all of them created out of their greatest hits arranged to draw their portraits. Awesome work by Pello indeed, a result of his passion for art and music.

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