Beautiful findings: Visualizing Ocean Currents


I have to admit I have a soft spot for cartography and everything that involves visualized geography. So when I came across this animated  model of the oceans' currents made by NASA Scientific Visualization Studio, I couldn't resist not to share. What you're seeing below is a representation of the currents from the period 2006-2007 made by using an incredible amount of satellite collected data. But most importantly, how beautiful does it look? The white lines that move creating spirals or long strokes have a particular character that makes this visualization look like it came out from an expressionist exposition.

It's a pretty interesting video to watch, one cannot really imagine what the actual movements of the earth are going on at all times and a clear, beautiful animation like this one helps to put things in perspective. How tough must it be for seafarers of the world, specially for the old schoolers, pre-gps times conquerors?

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