Typography Love: FRUSTRO, the infinite typeface

Design & Style

If you like the work of M. C. Escher, then FRUSTRO might be right up in your alley! Martzi Hegedűs is a hungarian designer that has a soft spot for the special geometry of Escher, specially the iconic Penrose triangle (also known as the impossible triangle) on which he based his typographic work. So how come can a typography become impossible? Taking Escher's geometric principles as a base, he started drawing the mind-bending letters and keeping them legible.

The process is very interesting, from two base volumetric letters he creates a combined version according to the infinite geometry. Keeping in mind that this process takes place for each letter and glyph, Hegedűs' work is quite impressive due its beauty and simplicity. An opentype version should surface sometime soon, can't wait to see it!


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