Great Branding: Passeio Publico

Design & Style

Lisboa is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a very distinct atmosphere and a relaxed pace and when walking through its streets you can find precious little treasures in the form of sculptures, mosaics or painted tiles. To live up to its beauty, the Associação Passeio Público (public walk association) commanded GOMA studio to create a visual identity for the  historical centre of the city with the purpose of regaining its past glamour.

The inspiration for the brand is the traditional style of the painted ceramic tiles and the iconic blue that's a trademark of the Lusitanic style (although toned down). The execution of the visual identity is impeccable, a perfect mix between classic style and contemporary applications. The importance of this niche of branding lies in the boost that a good visual identity gives to the overall ambiance of a city, or neighbourhood in this case. A beautiful and consistent brand identity is a reflection of the care that's put into the brand itself.

The stationery follows the same line of design, relying more on little details, such as the ornaments and the custom made type. This brand identity is a beautiful synthesis of the Lusitanic style which is based on these particularities- a classic look with delicate additions. Brilliant work!


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