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Would you associate the idea of ice cream with skulls and bones and a gothic style to it? Would you? The Icecreamists in London did, they decided that ice cream is about pleasure and sin, a pretty odd choice to pair up with dessert. But it works. In a twisted, dark way, it really works. Maybe it's because they're british, or because they are so engaged in their vision, their passion really comes across with their strong brand identity.

Just a short visit to their website and you can already notice what I'm talking about. Just the names of some of their ice creams are worthy of their reputation, i.e. Apocalypse Chow, Miss Whiplash, Sex Bomb, The Firebomb, and the very controversial Baby Gaga. By their own words, they describe their company as follows:

Welcome to the Oral Gratification business. We don’t sell ice cream, we sell smiles. We don’t sell cones and pots, we sell sin. We don’t sell a lifestyle, we sell moments in time. Fleeting, fickle, melting.

At The Icecreamists, madness is our method. The juxtaposition of ingredients and methodologies is what excites us.

There's absolutely nothing average in their whole style, and its pretty straightforward and clashing style with vibrants colours do measure up to their reputation. Go check them out, take a look and, if you can, please go try out one of their ice creams that I'm sure live up to the expectations. Such passion for the work you do can only bring great results. So, as they say, God save the Cream.


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