Design review: Madrid's Olympic games logo controversy

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In preparation for the election of the city that will be hosting the 2020's Olympic Games, Madrid has released their logo for the aforementioned event. The organizers called for an open contest for people to submit their ideas for the main logo for the games. The winner is 22 years old graphic arts student Luis Peiret with his original proposal inspired by Madrid's signature landmark, Puerta de Alcala. So far, the public's opinion is mostly favourable , but the real controversy arrives with the official presentation of the definitive logo, which had been modified by the agency TAPSA, agency in charge of the event.


Original Madrid 2020 logo

Luis Peiret with the new version of his logo

Needless to say, there wasn't any criticism to spare, going as far as 81% of disapproval from the spaniards. What's all the controversy all about? The main concern is in terms of readability of the logo, as the 'M20' proposed in the original logo is cropped awkwardly in the updated version which resulted in a confusing, misleading logo. Some people say it looks like flip-flops or that it reads 20020 instead of M20. No matter what, the general consent is that the overall logo doesn't work. And if I might say, I'd have to agree, since the whole point of creating a great logo is that people can get it at first glimpse. And to make matter worse, the agency in charge of the re-design misspelled Madrid! But despite all this, the organizing committee are brushing off the criticism and say that the focus of their campaign is going to be about sport, not logo controversies.


Official Madrid 2020 logo

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