Brilliant data visualization: Ville Vivant

Design & Style

The City of Geneva alongside with Interactive Things have come up with an amazing project that has the purpose of visualizing all the mobile phones activities that are conducted in the city, a pretty extensive task if you consider there are over 10 million cell phones in Switzerland (more than its population).  This project is called Ville Vivant (living city in french) name that makes sense when you see the animated crossing of data. As they state in their website, the objective is to make all this data visible for people to explore the streams of connected people in their everyday life.

The applications of this data come in 2 formats, one in a video form and the other in infographics posters, both beautifully executed. The video is particularly amazing with its subtle stream lines crossing from one side of another of the city, almost like a thread moving back and forth creating a net: the visual translation of people connected. On the other hand, the infographics don't fall short in comparison: a brilliant example of the Helvetic style with clean shapes and straightforward data, all in a very subtle matter with the data being clearly explained. These visualizations show different aspects of the information, such as mobile use in day/night time, usage per district, usage per hour, etc. Definitely one amazing project with great results! For other related data visualizations you can check this other video of bird migrations and the travel data of the norwegians.

Ville Vivante from Interactive Things on Vimeo.


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