Invisible people holding stuff

Design & Style

I'm sure that by now you may have seen the popular trend of designers holding posters for presentation purposes. It's a nice change from the flat visualization that has been the standard for so long but like all things trendy, backlash is a given. What I like about the display of a poster in a real context is that you can see it in a real scale and how it would actually look like (without the surprises that a screen shown poster could have), but let's admit it: it's been overdone. Some of the criticism points to the prioritization of how the things are done instead of the work itself, and with the extension of this trend it may have one in that direction.

So with criticism comes creativity, and in this case is the funny project by designer Joseph King which turned this trend into the public space in a sarcastic matter. As himself puts it, the project is a commentary on a popular style of poster presentation in contemporary design, and the implicit credibility it seems to suggest. And for this purpose he made some stickers to populate the city with invisible people's hands holding stuff. Definitely an original way to 'present' the world itself.



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