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Wanna experience something cool? Would you like to see how someone is making art with computer code? While my friend at Pixellogo was cruising the Internet the other day, he discovered this amazing new 2d flat surface free background maker that was created as a joint effort between Matthew Wagerfield and Tobias van Schneider.

Flat surface shader

What is it exactly? The Flat Surface Shader is based on the Lambertian Reflectance model, where the color of a triangle is calculated by a variety of different light sources within a particular scene. It is a great alternative to creating 3d effects with WebGL. Basically, this cool toy takes geometry, light and triangles and turns it into something fun, exciting and beautiful that everyone can use. With this Flat Surface Shader, triangles are rendered into three different contexts (WebGL, Canvas 2D and SVG). You can customize the settings yourself and even export your finished piece of art as a SVG or a PNG graphic that you can use later. What makes this project even better is that it is open source. You can visit their website, have a look at the code yourself and you can even adapt it or make it better if you want to.

Here are some of the example art pieces created with the Flat Surface Shader. These images were all taken from Tobias van Schneider’s Behance page:

Example artwork created with the flat surface shader

Example artwork created with the flat surface shader

Example artwork created with the flat surface shader

Click here to see a free demo where you can text it out yourself. Have fun!!

Sarah Williams

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