Foursquare unveils an outstanding new logo and app

Last week, Foursquare announced that it is ushering a new era for their company and its users. In the coming weeks, they will be releasing a new Foursquare experience that will be tailored to each and every individual user of Foursquare. They aim to create a user experience that is more specifically geared towards the particular at the likes, dislikes and tastes of each user. 


“Everyone explores the world differently – guided by their own unique tastes, their friends, and the people they trust. Local search has never been good at this. It doesn’t get you, and, as a result, everyone gets the same one-size-fits-all results. Why should two very different people get the same recommendations when they visit Paris? Or the same list of places when they’re looking for a bar?  We’re about to change that. In a couple weeks, we’re rolling out a brand new version of Foursquare that’s all about you.”


I think that this is a brilliant idea. The founders of Foursquare are absolutely right. I don’t want a computer-generated list of the best restaurants in NYC. I can get that anywhere. I want a specific list that tells me exactly which restaurants I will like best in NYC. Wow! Technology really blows me away sometimes and it is awesome that Foursquare is designing a new app that will give me exactly what I’ve been wanting all along.


Old Foursquare logo:


The new Foursquare logo:


The new Foursquare logo great. It was designed “to be a mix of map pin and superhero emblem “ and I love it. I think that it is a much-needed change for Foursquare and I am happy to see this change to their logo template. Their old logo design is really outdated. It featured a check-in mark where the primary company colors were green and blue. The new Foursquare logo design is totally different, fresh and exciting. I love the vibrant pink color and the simplicity of this new logo design. I also really like the new, cleaner logotype that they chose. The old foursquare logotype was very dated, rounded and playful. Their new logotype uses a darker shade of blue and a blockier sans serif typeface. It is more professional, sleek and distinct which is much more appropriate for a company that is trying to lead the world with its ideas and technology. 


Included in their new roll out is a new app called Swarm. The new Swarm app will handle all of the check-ins and it will work seamlessly with the Foursquare app. Foursquare is said to have made these changes in order to better compete with Yelp and Google Places, its two main competitors. 


If you would like to read the full, official announcement made by The Foursquare blog, click here


“No two people view the world exactly the same, so no two people will have the same experience with the app.”


Great work Foursquare!!




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