Cool Findings: A Typographic Reflection Of Politics

Design & Style

Amidst the electoral ambiance in the U.S. (which incidentally has the whole world pending) I thought it would be nice to point out this very interesting book that reflects on the history of public/street propaganda. This is the case of Voices, an edition brought by Cake Publishing that exposes graphic manifestations of propaganda in the streets form a graphic/typographic perspective.

Each image is accompanied by its correspondent Wikipedia review and is basically a compilation of opinions in form of analog drawn protest signs found in the digital world. All voices in this book were searched using Google Image Search and originated after the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989. This means that it's a reflection of how the web has affected or influenced this form of expression, and their way of exposing it relies on its most basic elements by abstracting it to their minimum, pure handwritten or typographic work.

Sadly the edition is already sold out but you can always check out Cake Publisher's website for their other projects. They have a very interesting piece of work that focuses on the speeches of Obama and Bush regarding the Iraq war by comparing their use of words and how they contrast.


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