Industry News: Get Creative with Coca Cola's Logo


Here's a fun project: Blankyouverymuch is hosting this competition (although the website seems to be down at the moment) to get creative with Coca Cola's logo. After some misinterpreted released information, the contest consists of turning in a design that features the brand's logo in a dashing t-shirt that will be sold as a special edition along with the honor of winning and the considerable amount of $5,000 for the designer. Sadly the contest is for US residents only but we can only hope that future calls will be open for artists and designers everywhere.

Being the most recognized brand in the world, Coca Cola hasn't really changed their iconic logo since 1900, when its curvy script came to light. The curl was added later as a way to complement the logo but besides that, only a nip and tuck here and there have been there. The guidelines of the contest state that there cannot be any logo modifications nor the use of flags or symbols alike. The possibilities are endless and we will have to see what results there will be. So US designers, go at it! A $5,000 isn't bad at all and this kind of recognition will look pretty good in your portfolio.



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