Beautiful Findings: The Northern Sky

Design & Style

I have to admit I might be a bit biased with this post but this is something I couldn't resist not to share. The sky has always been a prominent element throughout mankind history and never ceases to amaze. German studio Stellavie makes a small tribute to the northern sky in the form of this beautiful silkscreen print, Stellar Map of the Northern Sky.

The print is made on a high quality paper with a deep shade of blue that contrasts the white cartography of the stars that can be seen from the northern hemisphere. I would definitely love to have this beautiful piece hanging from my apartment, you can get a copy yourself at their shop (it's a limited edition!)

It's also worth to mention that the Hamburg based studio aims for craft centered works and will only do limited editions of their pieces. This adds a special value to every one of their products, by the skill and dedication being put into all of them. Make sure to check out their portfolio for more examples.


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