Typographic Love: AIGA Posters

Design & Style

Here's a great source of inspiration for typographic work: the AIGA poster series designed by Kittaya Treseangrat. This series really channels the event's spirit, which is to tribute the innovation of hand-drawn lettering and experimental typography with its use of unconventional materials in display. The 3 different versions use different kinds of food as media for typographic work by combining blank space for the wording and the base materials as background.

The composition of the posters (besides the clever use of the materials) has a very dynamic feel with their organic shapes and broken apart words. Also, the foods chosen are of vibrant colors that add to the impression of the design. A thin sans serif typeface was chosen to write down the information of the event (that was held last May) as to not interfere with the boldness of the focal piece. It's really refreshing to see such original work that's composed by a fairly simple idea that's been perfectly executed. Make sure to visit Kittaya's portfolio for more outstanding work.


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