Cool Findings: Horrorgami

Design & Style

Are you ready for Halloween yet? In the midst of the whole decorations and candy bombarding we're being exposed in this time of the year, here's an interesting treat that fits just right. It's the work of Paper Dandy, whose last project's inspiration can be summed up as follows:

Horror movies have been a hugely important part of my life. Growing up, my elder brother and I were very different characters but the one thing that really bonded us was our love of the macabre.

This is how Horrorgami came to life, an incredible display of craft in the form of kirigami, where the iconic scenarios of cult horror movies are constructed from a single sheet of paper. So far there are 4 of them ready (The Shining, The Exorcist, The Addams Family and Amityville Horror) and I have to admit they are as scary looking as they're impressive. With the use of this technique Paper Dandy accomplishes to recreate the sinister atmosphere of each scenario, like the piece representing The Shining. Go take a look at his website, it's really worth it! Can't wait for the rest to come up and also, can you guess what movie corresponds to the pictures below?


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