Cool Findings: Absolut Unique


Absolut Vodka is particularly known because of their special editions that have often featured iconic artists and designers in the past. This time though they've gone in a different direction, instead of settling for one specific design for their bottles they've opted for the recent trend of permutation and adapted their manufacturing process to create only one-of-a-kind bottles, their Absolut Unique edition. Specially created algorithms are the common factor in this recent trend of the ever-changing design and this combined with the use of splash guns and color-generating machines is what made it possible to have such a huge amount of unique bottles, almost 4 million of them! That's a lot of personalized vodka and each bottle is covered with bright colors and a numbered label to reinforce the principle of them being a unique specimen. The beauty of it all -besides the bottles themselves- is that you can purchase your very own original Absolut and being sure that no one else will have the same one; it adds a special value to the product as a collectible item.


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