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On some beautiful logo design news here we have the case of The New Zealand Antarctic Institute, organization responsible of the research and conservation activities in the white continent. Auckland based agency BRR was in charge of re-designing their dated logo and oh what a brilliant job they have done. The new logo is a perfect example of clever design that combines simplicity, wit and a clear concept. Their older version featured a penguin profile mixed with other details, so this new look is an original approach for the Institute.

Old Logo
New Logo

The design challenge for BRR was to capture the essence of Antarctica - 'The Earth’s White Box' whilst retaining both the integrity of the scientific research and capturing the visual beauty of this majestic continent. The BRR team realized that information on this continent was like an iceberg floating in the ocean. As icebergs reveal a small section of themselves above the horizon whilst concealing a greater part underwater, there is a large percentage of information that still requires investigating for the betterment of our planet’s future.

Honoring this principles the logo opted for the simplest solutions with the best results: the use of clean geometric shapes in greyscale, making sure to evoke the real essence of Antarctica. The font used pairs up nicely with the logotype, a bold sans-serif typeface that gives room for variations of the text inside the space left "underwater". The applications of it in the brochures and website also follow this clean cut guidelines and juxtaposing them with amazing photographs of the continent. This re-design of the brand manages to show through the character of the Institute, making sure that the white continent is the real protagonist of it.


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