Cool Findings: Drinkable Words!

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Oh what a cool treat this little gadget would be for typography enthusiasts and others alike- a perfect combination of words, cool industrial design and drinking! This typewriter styled artifact is actually a drink mixer that transforms words you type into drinks- you can literally type your own cocktails. The mastermind behind it is Morskoboi, and what started as a funny idea ended up being this object we can see today.

After many sketches and trials, the mechanism that makes this beauty function was ready to go: a set of syringes and tubes are the components that make it possible to transport the liquid into the "screen", similar as in the old-school digital clocks. This way, as you type down you can see the letters appearing on display; preferably a tinted drink for a more dramatic look and then poured into your cocktail glass. I'll leave the details of how it works to the video below, it's easier to see it in action. A+ for creativity, I'd definitely love to have one of these around for a party!


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