Cool Findings: Color Coalition

Design & Style

Color Coalition is an initiative that was recently awarded by Pantone, that aims to put color theory into use in the schools. Their main goal is to create an adequate environment for children by the application of a series of guidelines regarding color in the classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and so on.

In order to eliminate bullying, tolerance and acceptance must be learned at an early age. Studies have shown that our physical environments directly impact how we think, feel and behave, and certain colors are linked to increases in brain development, visual processing and lowered stress. With today’s alarming rates of bullying-related violence and suicides, we believe that color can be a force for positive change.

To put all of this in practice, there's a manual book that explains from color theory to its applications and what kind of emotions they appeal to. So for every school related area there's a certain color combinations that works better for each based on what the ambiance must be like. So for example the classrooms work best with soothing hues like blues, as for the gymnasium needs more vibrant colors. It's an interesting project that should be more widely considered in other educational facilities- the visual ambiance is often overlooked as an important factor for the general mood of a space, and design should make its way to overcome that.



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