Cool Findings: Parks Of The World [Infographic]

Design & Style

Mikell Fine Iles is a Brooklyn based designer that after spending time in Europe, decided to create this beautiful infographics that refer to different parks of the world. The criteria he chose for them includes size, shape, location, annual visitors, and date of inception. His interest for this project started with a simple question about the comparison between the size of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and Central Park in New York, question that quickly escalated and was applied to other parks from the world like Amsterdam and Berlin. Mikell explains it as follows:

With this project I’ve begun to examine the size differences between each of the large city parks that I’ve visited around the globe. The park silhouette is assigned a personalized pattern and color. Each unique shape is then layered on top of the other to form a colorful cluster highlighting the individuality of these cities while mimicking the assemblage of communities.

The infographics are pretty much self explanatory -as good infographics should be- and it presents this interesting view of the different parks put together. Also, the visual language he uses for display relies on the use of patterns and bright colors against a black background that make the illustrations stand out. Definitely a good inspiration source for data visualization design.

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