Typographic Love: Design Process Behind "Girls"

Logo & Brand review

HBO's new show Girls has started with pretty decent ratings. It might become more popular with time and for people with a sharp eye for typography they might have noticed that the sans-serif typeface used for the opening is different from known fonts. Imprint Magazine has published a very interesting article about the creative process behind it.

LA based production company Grand Jete was behind the design of the custom typeface, for which they worked closely with the show's creator Lena Dunham. The brief focuses on the creation of a bold and beautiful type with art deco influences, that means curvy lines that resemble the typical ornaments of said style. But it doesn't stop there, for each episode there's a slight twist to it in a way to create a dynamic and playful look.

Each episode opens with a static shot of the show’s title filling the screen, in place of a more complex sequence. No animation, no video—just text on a solid background. The colors change from week to week; Nourmand calls this “a playful touch,” but it also creates a palette that builds in sophistication with the series. The stripped-down simplicity perfectly matches Dunham’s vision.

Here are some beautiful shots of the creative process behind the typeface. Now the question is, will good design convince you to watch the show? Beautiful design is always a good sign, so you might as well give it a try, right? And now for some backstage work inspiration:




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