Cool Findings: The ABC of the RGB and CMYK

Design & Style

Here's a cool project for fellow designers and board game enthusiasts. The ABC of RGB  and CMYK is a board game (although in the project phase still) that has design as the main subject created by Spanish studio La Officina Creativa.

The game presents itself as the "big circus of design" as its aesthethic clearly represents it, given the "show" that graphic design puts up. The subjects tackled in the game are divided into six categories:

(1)History of design, (2)Typography and typographers, (3)Photography and composition, (4)Light and color, (5)Branding and packaging, (6)Printing and materials

Given the very nature of the game, the design aspect of it couldn't be left to chance and the creators have really nailed it with the use of details and overall graphics used. It looks like a classical board game with an original twist, the game cards feature 6 circus characters that represent the categories in play- these characters read as follows: The stories narrator, the type tamer, the composition acrobat, the multicolor clown, the illusionist and the strong man. Although it would be a perfect Christmas present for designers, the project is still under wraps as they're looking for sponsors. Pretty cool idea nonetheless!

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