Beautiful Branding: Sofia

Design & Style

Sofia is a luxury building complex with a visual identity to match up to its character. Developed by Anagrama, the branding makes the best to showcase the work of the architect Cesar Pelli, in this case a high-end building with the highest international standards located in San Pedro, Mexico. The main concepts in which the brand is build upon are sophistication and exclusiveness, hence the identity had to be something special and different to the common places in real state brands.

The studio's website explains the three main axes of the branding project as follows:

Logotype: the keys and the coat of arms are inspired by San Pedro's coat of arms.
Typography: we developed a custom typeface designed especially for Sofia, it is inspired by British sans serif.
Layout: the text and information arrangement is inspired by the typographical treatment used before grids were popularized by the Swiss grid system.

Needless to say the result is a very high-end looking brand, with a lot of details that exude exclusivity and luxury (heck, they even got a perfume as a promotional item!) with the use of golden applications, high quality materials and fancy emblems. The need of said details are what set brands like this apart, they show a careful thought process that embody what the company stands for and who they're targeting, so kudos for the studio for such brilliant work.


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