Cool Findings: The Art Of π, φ And e

Design & Style

There's no need to be a math geek to appreciate the following images. Good design can be applied to pretty much everything and despite some visual mishaps in the scientific world (I'm looking at you comic sans Higgs boson report) there are some great examples of visualizing abstract subjects into beautiful pieces.

That's the case with The Art Of π, φ And e, a series of diagrams to represent the relationship that's created around these i numbers. Every piece uses very simple visual elements (mainly dots) in vibrant colors to create complex patterns and large scale images. Every case is a different layout of these elements and they vary from uniform concentric rings to other that are more abstract. To keep things simple I'll leave the math part to the source and just stick to present these very cool images that are a great inspiration source for design that works with data.


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