Cool Findings: The World's Most Typical Person [video]


In an era where the world population keeps on growing and growing one might not stop often to think about what the *global* average person looks like. Today -with 7 billion people and counting- the most typical person in the world is a right-handed male person of Chinese descent but probably not for long! National Geographic has a special series about global population called Seven Billion and one of their releases is this very interesting video about the most common person on earth.

This is another example of how crucial good design is when it comes to putting an idea across in a way that will stick- whether we notice it or not, visual attractiveness can make all the difference in learning by making it engaging to watch. This video accomplishes to put a lot of data into motion with very simple graphic resources- also another key aspect for a better comprehension of the subject. Anyways, here's a very interesting video that also doubles as inspiration for designers who work with data visualizations. Enjoy!


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