Design Winners of Cannes Lion 2010

Design & Style

This year marked the 57th annual Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival. This festival is the biggest of its kind in Europe. It highlights innovation in the advertising and communications world as it showcases some of the world’s best design work. With over 24,000 entries each year from 90 different countries, the festival draws a lot of worldwide press and attention. To follow are some of our favourite winners from the design category this year.

Tansu Shoe, Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger Shoe

Seeking to highlight Onitsuka Tiger’s unique Japanese heritage while also appealing to a growing hipster market, Amsterdam Worldwide created this outstanding branding identity for Onitsuka Tiger. The agency ingeniously drew on the ancient Japanese cabinetry craft – Tansu – to create this masterpiece. The wooden sneaker is made up of handcrafted and detailed cabinets each  filled with some of Onitsuka Tiger’s new products and collections.

Mars Messages, Mars Nederland

Mars Packaging

Mars Nederland sought the help of FHV BBDO to create this marketing campaign targeted at 16-24 year olds. They wanted to  engage youngsters with this creative Mars bar packaging thus helping Mars to renew its image as a hip and innovative company.

Tamiya Business Card, Siam Tamiya

Tamiya Business Card

Creative Juice Bangkok created this original sample modeling kit business card design for Tamiya model kit shop in Thailand. Appreciating that “Tamiya's products are only able to be truly appreciated when you get your hands on it”, Creative Juice Bangkok designed these unique business cards to capture the attention of Tamiya’s potential clients.

Thunder Night Fever! Art Book, Mitsubishi Estate & Idee


This art book was created by Dentsu Tokyo to refresh the image of haiku’s – traditional  Japanese poetry – and to promote the Thunder Night Fever! haiku reading party.

“In its 17 phonetic letters, a haiku must always include one seasonal word. Thunder, one of the seasonal words for summer, is symbolised by a zigzag pattern for lightning. A collection of artwork that suggests or is associated with thunder/lightning was compiled into a poster- (B2) size, 62-page book. The thunder/lightning motifs introduced in the book included the Thunder God, tiger-patterned pants (supposedly worn by the Thunder God) and static electricity.”

The Earphone Note, Panasonic Marketing Europe GMBH

Panasonic earphones

This striking package design was created by Scholz & Friends of Berlin. Scholz & Friends were asked to create a new and innovative packaging design for Panasonic that would make their product stand out on the shelves among all their competitors.

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