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Logo & Brand review, a brand of the AT&T Interactive family, has made some exciting new moves recently. In their attempts to stay current and accessible to the new generation of internet and smart phone users, has rebranded itself as comes complete with a new logo design, a new slogan, a new company direction as well as a new, more vibrant and versatile website. In my opinion, these changes have come at the perfect time. The Yellow Pages have been under the threat of becoming obsolete for quite some time now and with the recent rise in the use of competing sites such as, it seems to me that the Yellow Pages had no other choice.

The new YP brands logo and slogan are pictured here: logo design

The new YP logo design still adorns the signature Yellow Pages yellow while being outfitted with a more Web 2.0 look. The classic "walking fingers" Yellow Pages iconography can still be found throughout the new website although it has moved out of the spotlight. The company’s new slogan "Click Less. Live More" points to YP’s new direction as a company that offers a fast, easy and local user experience to its clients.

The new website also accentuates the Yellow Pages new direction. Dressed with three new sections “Eat, Play, Live”, the new website homepage is easy to navigate while encouraging its customers to browse for local events, buy movie tickets, book hotel rooms, make restaurant reservations as well as much more. Local news headlines, the weather and coupons are also found on the website homepage. Enriched with vibrant images, the layout is simple, clean and visually appealing. Now, with their new enhanced local activities features, will appeal to a much broader audience while still highlights the local services that people search for.

David Krantz, president and CEO at AT&T Interactive, says that "We want to give today's user more access to content that allows them to explore and stay locally connected."

The new look is definitely a step in the right direction and it has now transformed into much more evolved version of the classic business listings website. Great work!

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