Colour Theory in Logo Design


Whether or not we realize it, colours profoundly affect us every day. Colours cause us to react, they influence our decisions and they stimulate our emotions. Colours can raise our blood pressure, they can cause us to cringe or look away and they can even suppress our appetite. Colours are an especially effective method of communication used regularly to convey meaning, messages and feelings to us all. Communication companies around the world have harnessed the potential of colour in the ads, signage, websites and even logo designs that they create. They rely heavily on the influence of colour and its role as a communicator.

In logo design especially, colour choices must be carefully considered and tailored to your target audience. The colour that you choose can capture your client’s attention, spark their curiosity and even lead to the sale of your product or services.


Red is a very powerful colour that immediately gets noticed and captures the viewers attention. Red is usually associated with passion, courage, power, aggression, strength, energy and love. Many businesses use red as either a main colour or a support colour in their company's branding or logo design.

Coca-cola logo design


LEGO logo design


Blue is one of the most popular colours on the planet. Blue is usually associated with tranquility, calm, healing, authority, stability, security, loyalty, trustworthiness and quality. Blue is most commonly seen in the logo designs for banks, investment companies, hospitals, medical facilities and it is also associated with the police.

ford logo design

RBC logo design


Green is often associated with the environment and “green technologies” and thus, it is commonly used in environmental conservation or agricultural logo designs. Green is also associated with health, healing and the medical industry. Lastly, green is also associated with growth, safety, money, security and wisdom. It is a colour commonly used in logo designs for businesses that are involved in handling money.

Starbucks logo design

H&R Block logo design

rainforest alliance logo design


Orange is associated with all things tropical, fun and warm. Orange conveys vibrancy, energy, enthusiasm and if used properly, professionalism. Orange logo designs grab the viewer’s attention in much the same way that red does except with less aggression.

harley davidson logo design


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