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In the era of youtube video instructions of "you can do it yourself," this article is about some things you refrain from doing yourself. No, it's not so hard to change the U shaped pipe under the sink in your bathroom. You can save a bit of money doing it yourself or changing small parts or oil in your car, but creating a logo design yourself is never the solution unless ofcourse you are a graphic designer and you have some idea on how to do it.

Ask yourself why you want to design a logo design yourself. Do you think it could be fun? Do you think it's worth saving some money? Do you think it's not that important to have a logo designed professionally? If you answered yes to these questions, you might as well consider your business starting with a handicap. Your logo is the first thing your customers identify you by; if you fail there, what are the chances you will succeed elsewhere. Your company name and your logo design are at the forefront of your business, and it should not be taken lightly. If you want to have fun doing something, get a hobby, and if you want to save money, we suggest looking at your credit card bill to see where money is being wasted, and Logo design is not on there. 

A good logo design is designed once and last for a long time. This is not a daily or monthly or even yearly expense. Cutting a corner on logo design is never the answer when starting a new business.

While Logo templates looks almost look like a no brainer and it looks like you can do it yourself, we will prove to you that if even if you had the right tools and software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you are still far from knowing how to do it. You might be able to change the name under the logo, but do you know how to pick the right font, do you understand kerning? How about saving for web and print? Do you know how to knock out the background, so it's clear? What about saving your logo in PNG for the web with transparent background? Do you know all the formats you need to save for different project? No? We recommend you to not take a chance.

Don't use automated logo design websites; why?

There is more to logo design than just putting your company name next to an icon and choosing a font.

1. Find a designer who discusses your logo project on the phone.

Don't know where to start? Try Pixellogo our phone number is listed on our contact us page (866 907 1155); speak to us, tell us about your business and what you are trying to achieve. Let us give you our honest ideas and show you some direction on your logo. Do you have a small budget? We have a solution for you. You have budgeted Custom logo design in your expenses; let us guide you. We ask the right questions to get the important answer on what your logo should be a give you our ideas.


2. It's important to know where you will use your logo design

When working with a designer, one of the essential criteria to consider is knowing where you imagine your logo design will be used. Web, print, Signage are the obvious choices; how about marketing material, custom t-shirts, embroidered caps, engraved marketing materials? You should have an idea of where you would like to use your logo and communicate that with your designer. Assuming your designer knows and will prepare your files for all these projects will cost a lot of money down the line.


3. 3D or Flat Vector logo?

Choosing between 3d or vector logos is not a matter of taste or preference; this is a matter of practicality and applicability. The easiest way to figure it out is by asking yourself: Where will you be using the logo? If the answer is, Mostly web, very little print, you do qualify for a 3D logo.

Suppose the answer is print, web, t-shirt, signage, and engraving. In that case, we recommend choosing a vector logo that is prepared with one color version too, so it is crucial to ask your designer to include a flat vector black & white version in your final files.


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