Top 10 Liquid Metal 3D logos

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It's no secret that at pixellogo, we love creating metallic 3D logos. We have been fascinated with cool shiny surfaces and interesting shapes for a long time. This is because of our love of sculpting, modern art, technology, and cutting-edge design and technology. Some of our favorite artists are Anish Kapour, Jeff Koons, and Philippe Starck, but it all started with an illustration of Hajime Sorayama's feminine Robots.

Hajime Sorayama Illustrations

Considering Hajime Sorayama illustrations are done by hand, and no computer or any 3d software used to create his work makes his airbrush illustrations genuinely unique. Just look at some of his work, and you can see why we are seduced and influenced by his illustrations.

We keep experimenting and creating a 3D logo design. Although most of the work feels precise, calculated, and clean, we do like keeping things loose where accidental details are part of the design, and organic forms are created almost without planning. We say almost because although we leave room for chance and interesting accidents, we do have quite a bit of control in the final shape and form.
We set out to do a new series of 3D logos with as much freehand line that we can muster. Here are the results:

Liquid 3D A Logo

This logo combines solid Lines with a touch of liquid metal to give it that artistic touch without overstating it. The orange gradient adds another touch of heat in this case, where two parts are melting together symbolizing the power and fluidity of a powerful bare metal server.


Mercury 3D S Logo

We designed a series of numbers and letters that look like it was painted by mercury. The organic shapes look like it's still moving, we are also planning on animating these series with a live movement of the 3D logo. We want the form to keep moving like it was liquid.


3D loop Logo

The idea for this 3D logo was to create a continuous line in 3D without looking like an infinite symbol. Although it gives the same meaning, it also makes additional visual interest and form. We love this logo because it looks very minimalist and sleek.


3D VR Logo

VR company logos cannot afford to look dull; they bring the latest in visual technology, so their logo must be as exciting and mysterious as the technology they create. We decided on creating our version of an exciting 3d logo.


Mercury 3D 2 Logo

This 3D two logo is part of a numeric series with the same styling. The fluid shape looks like it's still creating the form. This 3D logo feels animated even when it's standing still.

3D Gravity G logo

We love how the mercury is drawn itself to a 3D G Logo while it still feels like it is still in process. This logo has a mysterious movie-like quality that would work well for a 3D printing company, metal works shop, or an app developer. It has versatility written all over the design.



3D Liquid M Morph Studio

The concept behind this logo was to create a liquid morphing effect where the logo M is coming together. We applied dramatic lighting and a highly reflective metallic finish, and we also used this beautiful purple finish to give the design a modern look.


High Tech Mercury T logo in 3D

The idea behind the liquid form and the letter T is soldering a circuit board. This beautiful detail was not lost on us. We wanted to make a big, bold shape out of it, which is the result you see here. The logo looks high-tech because of the general body and the properties that the 3D logo was built with.








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