10 Best Free logo fonts that we recommend

Creating the right logo sometimes needs just the right Typeface. A well-designed font has a lot of character and message embedded in its DNA; sometimes the message is subtle, and sometimes it's in your face loud and clear; it all depends on the business and what message it's trying to communicate. There are many fonts that work right out of the box, with a little care with kerning and color, you can design a beautiful identity. To help you get started, we have picked 10 fonts that are available free on pixellogo to make your logo project easier. Check out these font and download all or the ones you want and have fun designing.

Best black letter Gothic Font

Amstrong Typeface is a new typeface with a classic Black letter and elegant, stylish character set. There's just so much to love about this fresh-faced Font; the perfect balance of capitals and lowercase letters, multi-lingual support, & more!

Amstrong manages to be edgy without coming across as stark or stiff - it has that nice old-timey vibe without the frumpiness you might expect from an old-fashioned font. It also comes in at five weights, including Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold & ExtraBold - so whether you're looking for subtle elegance or something with a little more punch Amstrong has what you need!"

Signature Script font

With this baby, you can rock your Signature with style and class. Whether it's a formal letter or something more casual, Belgian Font is perfect for any occasion!
Belgian Signature is a stylish modern calligraphy font that offers a creative and contemporary aesthetic. With its OpenType feature, you can play your typography game freely to find the perfect custom style for you! Get creative! The possibilities are endless with Belgian Signature font.

Perfect Modern Hero Font

Design a logo for your next pro-hero-themed or comic-related project with Masked Hero, as seen in the movie posters! This Typeface is perfect for logos, headers, large-scale artwork, and more. Includes everything from all caps to numbers and punctuation to help create your brand's unique voice.

Modern Elegant Font

Maghony is the new Modern, Slab-serif Font that's perfect for branding or any project in need of a clean yet masculine finish. This punchy slab-serif Font comes with both thick and thin styles to use to your needs! Maintaining Maghony's modern look, the bottom stroke is shorter in relation to the uppercase letters than most fonts will have you believe. With a slight inclination of slant, Maghony gives off an elegant and enticing presence.

Retro Brush Script font

Your design needs hand lettering for a friend's wedding announcement or the essential marketing announcement this year. Trust us; we can get it done! Singer Brush Script Font is a must-have, especially in these times where modernity is evolving so rapidly, and graphic designers are finding new ways to differentiate themselves by hiring hand letterers. Now you, too, can find your unique flair on your creative projects with an American Signer brush font!
This Font is free for PERSONAL USE.

luxurious serif font

Trento is a free creative typeface designed with the modern designer in mind. Featuring luxurious serifs and a graceful, elegant feel, Trento adds class to any project. Designed by Zoran Gladich and its free to download for personal or commercial use, this Font comes with uppercase letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, punctuation marks (such as quotation marks or commas), and symbols (& ! !).

Fashion inspired Font

MADE SAONARA is a modern hand-drawn brush font. The idea behind it was to emphasize taking something old and making it feel new with the boldness of this design. It has an organic, architectural look created from carefully crafted lines and curves that give plenty of room for creativity.

Modern, stylish Sans Serif font

Quantify Font is a versatile, easy-to-use functional display font with a strong personality, especially it's uppercase. Quantify is the designer's partner when it comes to ease and style. This Font is free for personal use, so you will never have to worry about how much your creative outlet costs!

Handwritten brush font

The words that you write about your loved ones, children, and pets are what make them feel valuable to you. Throwing up a last-minute Facebook post or Instagram story just won't cut the cake on their birthday! You want it well-crafted in lovely script lettering and sized perfectly for any social media – clumsy fingers be damned!
The Typeface was created by graphic artist Dominica Alicia who wanted to combine her love of hand-drawn letters with something more modern and natural-looking. This Font even includes unique glyphs that will allow you to create all sorts of fun flourishes.


Wider futuristic clean font

Wider is the perfect Font for when you're in the mood to get creative with your words. Give editors, writers, graphic designers, and other professionals a new playground where they can experiment with how wide their letters can be spaced and still look functional. This geometric extra-wide sans serif by Paul Glazkov is a well-kerned, futuristic, clean, minimalist-looking Font. Wider Font is ready to take on anything you want to throw at it: small body text or essential headings alike!

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